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Leak Detection Service - Terms & Conditions

Service Disclaimer

  • Water leak and ground fault locations are assessed on a best effort basis. Customer agrees that if a leak is determined to be in a location requiring high costs in demolition and repair to access, customer will consider a second opinion prior to incurring such expenses. Customer additionally agrees to hold Innovative Leak Detection (ILD) harmless if such expenses are incurred and no leak or ground fault was found with or without a 2nd opinion.
  • Customer acknowledges that “ILD” will need to turn valves that are not commonly used, ie. supply lines to laundry, water heater intake valves, and toilet angle stops, etc. Customer agrees to hold “ILD” harmless and indemnify “ILD” in the event of any claims made for water damage caused by any valves turned or laundry water supply lines disconnected and reconnected that fail or otherwise malfunction during or after leak detection services are performed.
  • Customer acknowledges importance of preventing water damages and agrees to perform due diligence by checking all valves used or touched during leak detection services to insure there is no leakage or concern of a valve needing maintenance or repair by a licensed plumber.
  • If a leak or ground fault does not exist or if a water leak issue is traced to anything other than a leaky pipe, all service fees are applicable.
  • Due to the nature of leak detection methods, “ILD” cannot guarantee that all leaks have been located, if after an initial leak has been repaired and an additional leak issue is found to be present, “ILD” will return to locate any such additional leak issue, however, all initial fees and rates apply as secondary leaks will require the same travel and set up efforts to locate as the initial leak issue.

Service Guarantee

  • If for any reason a water leak or ground fault isn’t found within 4 feet of the mark, and further detection work is needed, ILD will return and continue locating services at ½ the original hourly rate including round trip travel from Washougal WA.
  • If ILD is called back to continue locating services and for any reason the leak or fault location is accurate or within 4 feet of the mark, the customer agrees to compensate “ILD” at the full original hourly rate, including round trip travel from Washougal WA.
  • Next Steps Must Be followed in order to qualify for our Service Guarantee:

Qualifying For Service Guarantee:

(these steps must be followed to qualify for our "Service Guarantee")

After ILD has marked the likely leak location:

  1. Excavate the minimum required hole for repair. ILD requires a minimum 4’ diameter hole dug at a minimum 4’ deep (or deep enough to reveal the whole pipe).
  2. If the leak is not found & either of these conditions apply: Call our office right away!
    • The pipe is not found in the hole.
    • The pipe is found in the hole but no leak is seen on the pipe.
  3. Speaking to the leak technician while your plumber is still on site can save money, time & frustration later!, We can have the ILD service technician speak directly with your plumber. The technician will have insights about the marked location as well as additional findings that could direct the plumber to other likely locations. This conversation can many times lead to a quick adjustment for the plumbing excavation & the leak being found without ILD returning.
  4. Expectations: It is not uncommon for us to mark a spot for excavation and then find out, it is not the exact spot of the leak. Some hard to find leaks require a process of excavating multiple locations to narrow down the exact leak location. There are many environmental factors that can throw off our detection process,
    • Underground elements that come into contact with water pipes or other utilities cause vibrations and sounds to resonate in the wrong area.
    • Ambient sound from nearby equipment or roadways also hinder the leak detection process, by making the actual leak sound much harder to hear.
    • We have lots of experience finding leaks under weird environmental circumstances, but our leak detection process in these circumstances becomes a process of elimination that can take more time.
  5. Return Leak Detection Guarantee: When required, ILD will return to continue the leak detection process, at half our hourly rate, if the above steps are followed & no leak is detected.
  6. Excavation Costs: Please be aware that excavation costs can be expensive. ILD does not provide excavation services and does not refund leak detection fees due to expensive excavation costs.

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